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A Message from Honey Bee Consciousness

INTRODUCTION Since the late 1980s Honeybees have been dying off in alarming numbers due to infestation by a tracheal mite which lodges in the thorax of the bee. These are the tracheae that feed oxygen to the flight muscles of … Continue reading

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Do Crustaceans Experience Pain? Probably.

According to work published in the Journal of Experimental Biology, there is further evidence that crustaceans — crabs, lobsters, crayfish, shrimp and krill – experience pain. A study has revealed that the shore crab, a close relative of the species … Continue reading

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Originally posted on BaggyBulldogs:
What Dogs are wishing for: Wishing all my fellow dogs in shelters and pounds will find a loving home in 2013 Wishing the humans will end the killing of their best friend in pounds and shelters…

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Originally posted on The Daily Golden:
This one happened close to home.  In Ancaster, Ontario, Max, a golden retriever was trapped in ice in a two acre pond struggling for survival for at least 45 minutes while the family, including…

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The Guide Cat and the Blind Dog

Eight-year-old Terfel has cataracts and had spent most of his time stuck in his basket or bumping into things. Until he met a valuable friend, that is. A cat named Pwditat appeared on the scene, walked up to Terfel and … Continue reading

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A Message from Elephant Consciousness

An Interview through Sharon Callahan by Sun Mi Kim Considered propitious, often adored for their gentle enormity and sometimes the focus of a rally cry against poachers, elephants are little understood as spiritual beings. While most of us have kept … Continue reading

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