My First Experience with Reiki for Animals

My cat, Pushkin.

My cat, Pushkin.

This Pushkin, who is 17 years old. His mother gave birth in my apartment, so we’ve been together since day one. Of the eight cats I’ve had the pleasure of nurturing, he’s my longest surviving cat. His sister, Zora, passed away nearly a year ago, and his mother, Precious, nearly three-and-a-half years ago.

Last month I attended a three-day Reiki I class and received my attunement from Reiki Master Pamela Miles. My own previous experience with Reiki treatments several years ago inspired me to learn Reiki because I could imagine how good shelter and rescue animals would feel, how much of their stress and fear could be alleviated. And, I couldn’t wait to offer it to Pushkin. According to Kathleen Prasad, Animal Reiki Teacher, Founder and Director,
Animal Reiki Source, and President of the Shelter Animal Reiki Association, Reiki is perfect for animals (and humans) because it’s noninvasive and doesn’t necessarily require hands-on contact.” Animals, she says, respond intuitively to Reiki’s power to support the

Dog receiving a hands-on Reiki treatment.

Dog receiving a hands-on Reiki treatment.

healing of emotional, behavioral, and physical illnesses and injuries.” When animals are healthy, Reiki is maintenance, and when they’re ailing, Reiki complements all other healing modalities.When they approach the end of their lives, Reiki provides relief from pain, fear, and anxiety and supports their transition.

Pushkin's FeetI have been the beneficiary of Reiki self-practice (more about that soon in my other blog, for 37 days now, and Pushkin has, too. Initially, I didn’t know how he would accept it or if he would accept it and I didn’t want to have any expectations. I knew that if he said no or not right now to the treatment, I would have to respect that because Reiki is not given, it’s offered. As I was completing my own Reiki session on that first night, he came to be near me on the bed.  Okay, nothing new. And then he butted my hand until he got my palm on top of his head.

Horse receiving Reiki

Horse receiving Reiki

Then I placed my free hand on his body, and it’s been that way ever since. He’s a hands-on kind of guy. Thirty-seven days does not 37 treatments; it means 37 times 3, or 4, or 5. He’s a fiend for it. That’s how he asks for it, head-butting my hand until it’s where he wants it, and often he climbs into my arms, my hands warm and pulsating, and Pushkin purring and yawning.

Several months ago, he started to show signs of something. At 17, he’s not the muscular guy that he used to be. He’s lost some muscle mass and some weight in spite of a healthy appetite. I had begun to suspect a hyperactive thyroid, kidney decline, or (no,

Pushkin the Kitten

Pushkin the Kitten

don’t say it!) diabetes, the usual suspects. Last week his thyroid values turned up normal. There is no diabetes, but he’s just on the cusp of kidney decline, so he’s on subcutaneous hydration, but unlike Zora, who received this treatment every day, Pushkin’s prescription is only every three days. I am grateful. And on we shall continue. I’d love for him to make it to twenty.

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