Buyer Beware! Cat’s Meow Cat Toy

W A R N I N G ! Buyer Beware. Don’t order this cat toy from this company. W A R N I N G ! Buyer Beware. Don’t order this cat toy from this company.


This is an as-seen-on-TV product, advertised for $19.99 plus shipping and handling. I ordered it tonight, and before the order was complete (I wasn’t directed to a shopping cart or final order screen that itemizes the order), I received an email: TOTAL — $74.65! WTF! The phone number is a Monday through Friday and there is no real customer service contact. I called my bank to cancel payment, but the order had not shown up yet. When I reviewed my email bill, I noticed that I had given them an incorrect card expiration date, which might be my saving grace. Anyway, calling the bank in the morning. Don’t bother with this company/product.

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7 Responses to Buyer Beware! Cat’s Meow Cat Toy

  1. tamara says:

    This is a scam toy does not spin around fast like it is suppose after a few days it completely quit nobody buy this it is a ripoff

  2. aj says:

    The rod on it is too stiff and broke during use after first couple of days. Cheap junk! Probably made in China. Got ours at CVS for $19.99 (no free one, but no high shipping costs or scam billing either.

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  4. Ken Allen says:

    What a piece of crap! My cats all love it and then usually 2 days and sometimes 1 day it completely quits, makes a buzzing noise too. I have bought several because my cats loved them so much. I’m done what a loss of money.
    Nno more, I wouldn’t even give one dollar for one now.

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