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The Guide Cat and the Blind Dog

Eight-year-old Terfel has cataracts and had spent most of his time stuck in his basket or bumping into things. Until he met a valuable friend, that is. A cat named Pwditat appeared on the scene, walked up to Terfel and … Continue reading

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Precious: Her Earthly Biography

On Monday afternoon, December 1, 2009, a year to the day that we moved into our current apartment, my sweet, beautiful little cat, Precious, shook off her transient identity, as we Buddhists say, left her useless body behind, and merged … Continue reading

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(A) Black (Cat) Is Beautiful

Humans aren’t the only creatures impaled by the cruelty of stereotypes. According to a September 23, 2011, article in the Sun-Times Media, black shelter cats are paying the price for myths and superstitions that surround them. In shelters and humane … Continue reading

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Don’t Be a Victim of Feline High-Rise Syndrome

I once lived on the third floor of a brownstone, and one down I looked across the street only to see a young black-and-white cat on a window ledge obscured from time to time by a fluttering curtain. I got … Continue reading

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