A Message from Elephant Consciousness

An Interview through Sharon Callahan
by Sun Mi Kim

Considered propitious, often adored for their gentle enormity and sometimes the focus of a rally cry against poachers, elephants are little understood as spiritual beings. While most of us have kept animals at arm’s length, our awakening consciousness now pries our hearts open to embrace all living beings as the kindred spirits that they are. And elephants, surprisingly, are the ones perhaps most similar to humans; and so it is fitting that they begin our direct dialogue with the animal kingdom. The following is an interview done with the Elephant group consciousness through Sharon Callahan, an interspecies communicator. The first of several interviews with different animal group consciousnesses, this interview addresses things that go beyond our surface understanding of elephants. Their lives, while also precious in their unique expression of Creation, holds deeper meaning for us and the earth – a meaning that few, if any, have suspected but one that is now shared with all.

Q: It’s said that our bodies are our spirits made physical. The most salient aspect of an elephant is its enormous size. Does this signify anything regarding your spiritual source?

elephant eye 1A: Our (elephants) bodies are very large and very conspicuous upon the Earth. However one of the most notable things about us in a physical/spiritual sense is that which cannot be seen. Our bones and our bone structure make us perfect instruments through which the Creator can sing Its song to the Earth and to the Universe Itself. Our entire bone structure, the composition of the bones, their placement, the angle at which our legs meet Earth all serve this “musical” capacity. We receive information and energy directly from Source. This information and energy enters our body through the top of our heads and to a lesser extent through our backbone and trunk. The information and energy comes in the form of light. This light is encoded with information. When it enters us through our head and back and trunk it is “translated” as it passes through us and into Earth through the bottoms of our feet. Earth is then able to receive the information in its translated form. Our bodies serve as great receivers and conductors of Universal energy. Our bodies also radiate energy and information into our environment, into the ethers and into the Universe. It is a two-way process in which we encode Earth with information from Source as we also release energy and information from Earth back to Source. To some extent all living things do this. Because we are so large, and because of our natural (geographical) placement upon Earth, our role in the performance of the function is greater. We “sing a deep note” into the very core of Earth. This note is then distributed throughout Earth’s magnetic grid, returned to us, and returned to the Universe. Creator’s messages are thus received by Earth and Earth’s messages are received by Creator. This process is a co-operative one. All elephants contribute to the function of the whole. With increasingly fewer elephants upon her, Earth is being deprived of energy and information.

Q: This is mind-blowing. While humans discuss how their bodies root energies into the Earth during the ascension process, we rarely think of the role of other species. Can you tell us what kind of energy and information is relayed to the Earth?

A: Ascension is a continual process of awakening which we are a constant part of. The energies and information that we bring into our bodies and disperse into the Earth are energies from the stars, planets and even what you think of as empty space and from Creator Itself. Stars and planets and even empty space have consciousness. Their consciousness is awakening as ours is. The energies of their awakening consciousness are like food for the Earth. They nourish her, replenish her. In the same way Earth is awakening and emitting her awakened energy into the ethers. So it is a two way process. From the cosmos to Earth, from Earth to cosmos. All is awakening.

Q: Elephants are often looked upon by many cultures as lucky, e.g., an Elephant sighting is considered propitious. Can you give us some insight into the origins of this?

A: Our great size and strength combined with our sensitivity and gentleness stirs something in the souls of human beings. We represent the merging of heaven and Earth, strength and gentleness, but we are much more. It is simply a great diminution of our power and function. In the unseen dimensions there are souls that inhabit white elephantine bodies. These beautiful creatures nurture the etheric counterpart of Earth. They guard and guide the immaculate concept for Earth. They can be likened to those beings you think of as Arcangels.

Q: So there is such a thing as a mystical White Elephant? The white elephant to which you refer is called white simply because it lacks a certain pigment on the face and trunk. Not truly white as one would think from the title given. It seems a human foible to seek special power from certain physical attributes. All living beings have mystical qualities. Every being is a mystical being.

Q: What is the significance of the matriarchal structure of Elephant society? Is there a spiritual significance to this?

white elephantA: Human beings always seek the reasons for things by looking through a scientific lens. The reason for most things will not be discovered in this way. This looking glass approach gives only a partial picture of what is being looked for. The least interesting aspect of whatever is examined is all that will be found through this way of looking. From the perspective of energy, and in light of what has already been discussed about our function, Earth is best served through a nurturing feminine energy. The Earth is desperately in need of nurturance. This has always been so, but never more so than today. Elephants (male and female) mother the Earth through their energetic ministrations. From our perspective as families, we are very well balanced. It is all a matter of balance. When male and female achieved in which all energies are available for a higher purpose. As a species, elephants are feminine, lunar, emotional, nurturing creatures. Human societies in past ages were matriarchal. Many remain today, and most will return in the future if the future comes. The new age that we are entering is “The Age of the Return of the Mother.” The return of the feminine nurturing aspect of humanity is what will save the Earth and her creatures from annihilation.

Q: Curiously, Elephants seem to be fraught with the same age-related diseases that humans have – like arthritis and heart disease – yet your lifestyles are vastly different from ours. Can you explain why this is?

A: Our lifestyles are not so vastly different from yours. Of all living creatures we are perhaps the most like you in intelligence, physical and emotional makeup. We have very large brains and are very intelligent. Our growth to maturity and our lifespan is exactly as yours. We live into our seventies and beyond if not subjected to disease, stress or abuse. In the ancient past we lived two hundred or more years, as did human beings. We live in societies much like human societies. We experience the same emotions human beings experience. We rejoice in the birth of our young whom we nurse from two breasts between our front legs – the same position of the breasts of female human beings and primates. We will defend our young, our relatives and our friends to the death when necessary. We grieve their passing of our children relatives and friends, and bury them tenderly and ceremoniously. We weep salt tears, something human beings share with us and no other species. We are herbivores as are human beings in their natural state. We are subject to the same emotional, spiritual and physical stress that human beings are subject to and so we manifest similar imbalances.

Q: Can you give us a reason as to why both your species and ours have a diminished lifespan? Is this phenomenon something that happened with all species?

elephant mourningA: Diminished life span occurs with the creation of negative thought forms by human beings. In past times…times of pre-history (Atlantean/Lemurian) all was less physical and more spiritual. As matter and living consciousness took more solid forms, thoughts began to solidify as well into “patterns of belief”. These patterns of belief create all that is, our bodies, illnesses, life spans and all other physical matter. Diminishment of life span and quality are believed by most to be caused by pollutants, illness, injury, (for animals) habitat destruction, etc. etc. All of these energies are balanced in an individual or in a group of individuals a state of androgyny is however arise from thoughts. The question of habitat destruction for instance arises from human greed; the thought that humans need the resources in the areas destroyed. This is all extrapolated from the basic thought of scarcity; the feeling that God does not provide or that there isn’t enough of this or that. Emotions arise from thoughts, too. We have a thought about something, and then a feeling arises in reaction to the thought and on and on. All manifest reality is created through thought.

Q: Sharon mentioned once that zoos were not viable options for preserving animal species because the animals adapt to captivity and don’t look anything like their wild counterparts. Numbers of Elephants, however, are diminishing in an alarming rate. What other alternatives do humans have in trying to help them?

A: Some individual elephant souls choose before incarnating to sacrifice themselves for the greater good by drawing close to human beings through capture for zoos or by being born in captive situations. These individual are emissaries who seek to draw attention to the plight of their wild brothers and sisters. The point is being missed if elephants in the wild and their natural habitats are not attended to. Areas of nature simply must be preserved for elephant survival as areas of nature must be preserved for all other living species. Many species are being forced from Earth through extermination before human sensitivity develops the capacity to understand their profound significance and their sacred function. A very sad human shortcoming. When animal species become “extinct” of course they do not cease to exist. Their souls simply take refuge in the realms of light from which they came. Each species of animal is greatly cherished and watched over by angels and beings of light. If human ignorance and arrogance cause their demise, the soul group is taken away for safekeeping. It is a kind of etheric ark situation. Human beings must not misunderstand this as an excuse to justify the extermination of species. Each species is placed on Earth at the appropriate time to perform a sacred and timely function. To wipe out a species thusly placed is to move toward annihilation of your own species. It is only a matter of time. We must look upon one another as sacred beings with a sacred task to perform in sacred timing.

Q: This is a pretty grim picture of humankind that you have thus far reflected back to us – and probably rightly so. Are we truly plunging headlong into extinction, taking every other species along with us? Is there yet hope? Have we or can we make changes that will provide a happier outcome for us all?

A: There is always hope but it is not looking good. Even your scientists are predicting we may have less than 10 years. We are at or past the turning point. A massive Awakening of human consciousness will have to occur to create the needed change…a miracle. People have seduced themselves in believing that everything will be all right, or that science will come up with answers. Science will not. Science arises from thoughts which is where we got into the mess in the first place. The solution, the miracle will have to arise from the heart of humanity. You must lose your mind and allow your consciousness to settle in your heart. The heart is the seat of true wisdom. This 2001 is the age of the heart. You must rise to the lesson of the age we are now entering. A great upwelling of love for all creatures and creation is what is now needed. We have gone too far, past the point where things will be solved or delayed through logic.

Q: Considering that the Elephant’s natural habitat is in the wilds of Asia and Africa, far from the buzz of the world that most of us live, how can we deepen our relationship with these beings?

A: Turn inward. The wild is your home, too. Sit quietly in your garden or in your room. Lose your mind and open your heart…we are there. We are both capable and willing to engage in communication with you. Ask a question, we will answer. Look in our eyes. You needn’t be with us to do this. Just ask within. You will see our souls. Return to the heart of your heart. Return to the wild…the wild heart. Not only will you learn of your brother and sister elephant, but you will uncover your own lost self. That self that has a song to sing to the Earth. Sing your song. We will join you. Weep and we weep as well. Weeping together with each other, with the Earth and her creatures, our thoughts will stop, our hearts will open and the miracle will happen.

elephants group

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Ref: Sharon Callahan’s site: http://www.anaflora.com/ : “Sharon Callahan is a writer, photographer, internationally recognized animal communication specialist and leading pioneer in the use of flower essences for the treatment of animals.

“Although Sharon’s ability to communicate with animals has been with her from childhood, a near-death experience in 1987 enhanced her ability to communicate with animals telepathically, giving her a deep understanding of the role of animals in the spiritual lives of human beings. This experience led to the creation of the Anaflora flower essences for animals, the first flower essences made exclusively for the animal kingdom. Since that time Sharon has pioneered the use of flower essences in the treatment of animals.”

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Ghost Elephants
by Jean Valentine

In the elephant field
tall green ghost elephants
with your cargo of summer leaves

at night I heard you breathing at the window

Don’t you ever think I’m not crying
since you’re away from me
Don’t ever think I went free

At first the goodbye had a lilt to it—
maybe just a couple of months—
but it was a beheading.

Ghost elephant,
reach down,
cross me over—

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