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PowerPoint for Shelters and Rescue Groups – Introduction to Reiki for Animals

Click on “Slideshow,” and then click on “From the beginning.” Reiki for Animals

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If You Love Animals

Check out my new Facebook Community Page: All Creatures Large and Small: Animal Reiki. Here’s the link: “Like” it if you like it.

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U.S. Government Reports on Our Pet Expenditures

Originally posted on YesBiscuit!:
On the subject of how much money we spend on our pets, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recently published “‘Tails’ from the Consumer Expenditure Survey” on its website and the Hartford Courant breaks down the…

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Golden Retrievers on the ground in Moore, Oklahoma

Beautiful dogs…beautiful mission.

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Merry Christmas

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Originally posted on JUSTICE FOR RAYMOND:
Spotted Towhee (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The bird who stopped by apparently was wounded and was recovering in my yard, garage and flower gardens.  I contacted a local petting zoo at the suggestion of another…

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Where Do Puppies Come From?

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  Stop Puppy Mills – warning signs (Photo credit:   Where do puppies come from? In many cases, from puppy mills… where their mother is locked in a barren cell, continually impregnated,…

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Originally posted on Hound and the Found:
HOLY COW! Grom and I are featured on the cover of this year’s Calendar from Virginia Search and Rescue Dog Association.  Get yours today!  A donation of $10 gets you the gift of…

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Beatrice, the pick of the 2010 Rizer Goldens litter was generously given to us as a wedding gift. It was a very happy time for us and her addition to our family added to that joy tremendously.  Beatrice was a very special…

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