A Message from Honey Bee Consciousness

Since the late 1980s Honeybees have been dying off in alarming numbers due to infestation by a tracheal mite which lodges in the thorax of the bee. These are the tracheae that feed oxygen to the flight muscles of the bees. If one considers the role of pollinators, one can easily get a feel for the consequence of the deaths of massive numbers of honeybees. The information below came from the bees in response to questions asked of a beekeeper about the spiritual significance of the mite dilemma.

     Usually when I talk with animals the information comes as a direct channeling of information in first person. The information from bees came as a whispering in the right ear. More of a “telling” of information. Capitalization occurs where the bees indicated emphasis or sacredness.

     This information came through Sharon Callahan on February 10, 1998 at 10 pm pst


Honey Bee 1The bees are playing a crucial part in the re-patterning of the Earth and planetary grids, as well as struggling to hold in place what [t]hey call the “new Pulse” of energy from the Creator. The pulse is Light, or the Grace of God which the bees indicate actually flows through us in intermittent pulses rather than a static stream of energy. Within the “stuff” of Grace or Divine Light is encoded all of the information needed for all things to move in harmony into the new millennium which we are now approaching. In the life of bees, natural selection, comb shape, {if someone were to study naturally occurring honey comb shapes they would find them changing} speed of vibration of the bees themselves are all vital to the bees ability to “keep up” with instructions from the creator which they receive continuously. These instructions tell the bees how they should proceed to build the vibrational matrix necessary for the ascension of Earth, Nature, Man, Ether, Cosmos – into the next phase of “becoming” or spiritual evolution.

The pulsing patterns of Light of which the bees speak is detected by the bees as it enters the astral light. They then draw it into the physical ether/atmosphere. Natural selection regarding breeding is essential. When free from human intrusion bees of the highest vibration and spiritual advancement (yes, the bees indicate that the level of spiritual vibration among them does vary just as it does in human beings and other creatures) would survive. Only they themselves can determine this because they are in direct contact with the Creator. When left in a natural state only the most evolved bees would breed and survive, thus quickening our (all of creation) evolution into the new higher frequency.

Stock Photo of Honey Bees in their HiveNatural occurring honey carries the new vibrational frequency of love from the Creator as well as a substance that acts upon the DNA structure of individuals acting as a catalyst for spiritual, evolutionary transformation. Substances in the honey contain vibrational information that becomes encoded in the cells of the being partaking of it. This information is then available to be used to enable the individual to access his/her own Divine Blueprint, clearing blockages to awakening that have previously existed. The taking of honey should be considered a Sacrament – a Holy Communion between God and Its creation. Each bee is an emissary of the Divine – an angel or anointed one.

HoneyHoney from any given locality should be taken as a communion by the animals and human beings in that locality and then distributed sparingly for use in other areas. Honey has a special usefulness for scientists, philosophers and spiritual truth seekers. It is important for honey from all regions of the world to be widely distributed in small amounts to be used for Sacramental purposes since the flowers from each region contain different vibrational encodements that are received from the pulsing light of the Creator that flows to their particular region of the planet. Each region, and therefore each flower species that grow in each region, respond to the particular matrix/blueprint/morphic field of the particular region and the information that flows therein. (More on this will be given at a later date.)

The virus carried by the parasite infesting the bees is present as a consequence of the negative thought forms generated by human beings, particularly those such as greed, power, manipulation, self-interest, insensitivity, cruelty and lack of love. These negative states must be turned toward their opposites: sharing, humility, gratitude and Unconditional Love.

In present circumstances the bees are being prevented from evolving to the next level of their work on Earth. This creates a conflict between their soul’s desire to assist in evolution as instructed to them by the Creator and the struggle they must wage against human insensitivity, greed and lack of understanding of their Divine Purpose as well as lowered immunity due to the stress incurred as a result of such struggle.

“By working mechanically we destroy what Nature has elaborated in such a wonderful way…The bee wants always to remain within itself, to stay within the sphere of its own substance. Every external influence is felt as disturbing, as something to be warded off.”
Rudolf Steiner, 1923

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Ref: Sharon Callahan’s site: http://www.anaflora.com/ : “Sharon Callahan is a writer, photographer, internationally recognized animal communication specialist and leading pioneer in the use of flower essences for the treatment of animals.

“Although Sharon’s ability to communicate with animals has been with her from childhood, a near-death experience in 1987 enhanced her ability to communicate with animals telepathically, giving her a deep understanding of the role of animals in the spiritual lives of human beings. This experience led to the creation of the Anaflora flower essences for animals, the first flower essences made exclusively for the animal kingdom. Since that time Sharon has pioneered the use of flower essences in the treatment of animals.”

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