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Story 1: “My Dog’s Healing”
Story 2: “Dog’s Miraculous Transition”

Kathleen Prasad Talks About The Five Reiki Precepts

My Dog’s Healing
Melinda DeBoer

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Zeke is my thirteen year old dog. He is part golden retriever and part something big a black. When you see him you might think he is a bear. He is big, beautiful, and people can’t believe he is thirteen. Zeke has been developing osteoscarcoma tumors since 1995. I was told then, by his conventional vet, that he would probably have about six months to live. I made a deal with Zeke that as long as he wanted to be here, I would do everything in my power to help.

In 1995 he began a completely vegetarian diet and detoxifying supplements. I also attuned him as a Reiki I practitioner. Since 1995 he has had six surgeries. After every surgery he bounces right back and his conventional vet is always surprised. Zeke has a very strong will to live. In January 1997 he began to see a holistic vet as well in addition to his conventional vet. I also attuned him to Reiki II. His holistic vet gave him acupuncture and Chinese herbs to balance his body. She is also very psychic and confirmed my feelings that he had been a black bear in a previous life and had been shot on his left side. This is where all the tumors have formed. We have been working with him to release this fear from cellular memory.

In January and May of 1998 he had two more surgeries to remove tumors. Before each surgery I would check with his holistic vet to see if Zeke still wanted to be around and she would confirm “yes, and that Zeke sees these surgeries as small inconveniences”. By the way, he has never been in pain that homeopathy and a little pain killer could not handle. He continues to amaze me with his will to live. However, in July 1998 it became clear that a tumor was growing back in the place that he had just had the last tumor removed and at least one other.

I knew he should have no more surgeries. I prayed for guidance as I left to teach Karuna Reiki in Evergreen, Colorado.

While I was in Evergreen, I was given very specific guidance for Zeke’s healing from many sources. I was given healing water from a holy well in England (which we supercharged on the Karuna Reiki class alter), specific Tachyon bead information for the tumors, Karuna symbols to use with Aura Healing and water treatments to enhance easy release of the tumors, and red clay from Ojo Caliente, NM to use on them. I was also guided to ask for the help of my Reiki Family in sending intense Reiki to Zeke July 23-25.

When I returned home on July 22, Zeke was somewhat despondent and weak. That night we did a ceremony to cut the emotional ties that might be binding him here to allow him to make his own decision to stay or transition. Since that time he has been getting steadily stronger. On July 31, we had another psychic reading with his holistic vet. Zeke said to her that this was the strongest healing yet because it involved so many people with strong intent to allow healing on all levels and that “Desire + Action + Truth = Manifestation. With the help of Reiki and our many friends, Zeke is manifesting complete healing on all levels. Whether he chooses to stay here or move on I know he will be free from this trauma.

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Dog’s Miraculous Transition
by Melinda DeBoer

You may remember the article in the Fall Reiki News about Zeke’s healing from past life trauma manifesting as cancer. We had a really strong, happy August together as I continued his various treatments to free him on all levels. When I returned from the Camp Ronora Retreat, it became apparent that he was letting go of this physical world slowly as he began to eat less.

Any of you who have lost a dear pet, know how hard it is to make the decision to “put them down”. You don’t want them to be in pain, but as long as they have the will to live you want to help them in every way you can. Round the clock Reiki for four days helped my dog Zeke make his transition with only seconds of pain. It was a beautiful conscious transition. I am grateful for the experience.

As with Zeke’s healing, every detail of his transition was guided by Spirit. God even provided the Reiki practitioners to help me. I met a very gifted Karuna Reiki® Master from Brazil at the Ronora Retreat. It was already in her itinerary to visit Sedona, AZ, so I had invited her to stay with me. That was before I knew Zeke’s condition.

One of the greatest gifts that Zeke gave me was his love and passion for life. It was very hard for him to let go of his body. A psychic friend told me that a special ceremony would help Zeke release to the heart of God and would fill him with wisdom to make his choices. She gave me the details and we followed them. It was a lovely ceremony.

That night as I curled up next to him giving him Reiki, as we did throughout his life, we flew like two eagles right up to heart of God, to the Light. At that moment he experienced pain so I put pain relieving herbs and anointing oil on his feet. I assured him that someone very dear to him would be there to greet him and then he relaxed. Even the night before he made his transition he had so much life force energy in him, that I thought he might be there to greet me in the morning. He was resting peacefully, so I laid on the couch beside him still touching him with Reiki. I slept until 6:50 a.m. At first I thought Zeke was still breathing, he was still warm, but I realized he had just made his transition right before I awakened. He did not want me to see his last breaths.

My psychic friend told me that Zeke will be coming back as a new species of Eagle to raise the consciousness of humankind. I already feel his sweet presence with me. Thank you God, Thank you Reiki, Thank you Zeke!!! Blessed Be, Amen

Source of both stories: Reiki News Magazine — Melinda DeBoer is a Licensed Teacher with the International Center for Reiki training and lives in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Reiki in Japanese - light blue against teal background

Kathleen Prasad Talks About the Five Reiki Precepts

(offered by Lynn McKenzie as a free audio teleseminar, The 5 Reiki Precepts: How they can help us help our animals). I have transcribed and excerpted this from an audio file.

Thank you everybody for coming tonight. This is a wonderful topic to talk about since the Reiki Precepts really are, and represent and always the foundation of the system of Reiki and everything else in Reiki, all the other aspects of the system of reiki always come back to the precepts. So I’m excited to talk about how this relates to helping our animals tonight.

So, for those of you who may be a little bit new to Reiki, I want to just briefly go over what Reiki is.

Reiki is a system that creates relaxation and stress release. It’s a wonderful way of supporting the healing journey of our animals. And also, to support ourselves as we walk this path with them. The name Reiki comes from two Japanese words, Rei meaning spirit, and Ki meaning energy. And so we’re talking about this spiritual energy that makes up all things, and that we are all connected by this energy. And when we do reiki with our animal, it’s about being able to hold a space of balance with in ourselves, even in the midst of a chaotic or troublesome situation, for example, if our animal if facing some kind of health issue or problem. If we can practice maintaining this kind of inner balance or calm in our own lives, we will see a ripple effect in all that we do. So, in being with our animal, we can see them responding to our inner state of balance in a positive way, becoming calmer and more peaceful and, therefore, able to heal themselves. And we can also see our relationship with them going much, much deeper.

So, speaking about the five precepts, Reiki is a healing modality, it’s a meditative art. It’s simply about focusing our compassionate intention to support another being. And animals respond very well to Reiki because the effectiveness of a treatment is, because it’s energy we’re using, is not dependent upon the physical contact, so the animal’s going to control the treatment and accept Reiki in the way that they’re most comfortable, either with hands-on or from a distance or a combination of the two. Reiki energy goes always to the deepest source of the issue and always supports a path toward balance and harmony. So all we have to do is hold this space of energy and allow the energy to go where it will. We know that a healing shift toward balance will occur. So, the foundation of the system of Reiki is the Five Reiki Precepts taught by the founder of the system, Miko Usui,  and these five precepts are:

  1. Just for today, do not anger
  2. Just for today, do not worry
  3. Be humble
  4. Be honest in your work
  5. Be compassionate to yourself and others

So, I want to start with the first precept, which is Just for today, do not anger. So, when we are working with our animals, you know, depending on the situation, and I’m going to, just for this particular precept, I’m going to use an example of – let’s say we are working with a rescued animal that we’ve rescued from some kind of a situation. And so we go into that situation with a compassionate heart and wanting to help this animal, but then as we bring them into our home and we’re working with them, we can begin to see the results of past abuse or neglect that they may be exhibiting. And so, we can begin to feel ourselves becoming very angry about how the animal was treated, what the animal had to go through, thinking about how powerless they were for all this time, and now all these issues that they have because of it. And this anger at our animal’s situation can spiral into an anger about the world as a whole, into an anger toward humanity’s treatment of animals in general, and pretty soon we find ourselves encompassed in a bubble of anger. And our compassion gets lost in that anger. Now, the anger is merely a distraction from our primary goal, which is to help the animal. And, on top of that, if we are angry, our animal’s going to sense this and it may cause them to be uncomfortable being around it. They may not want to connect energetically with us. So, if we can focus, instead, on our desire to help the animal, our anger can be mitigated by our compassion. So, we are bringing ourselves back into the compassionate space. One way that is really helpful to do this is to – I call it looking with our Reiki eyes. But when we look with our regular eyes at an animal who’s been abused or neglected, we see the outward, physical manifestations of their issue. When we look, instead, with our Reiki eyes or the eyes from our heart and we see who they really are, we see that shining star just waiting to come out and to brighten the world, We focus on that essence of the animal, then it is easier to work through any difficulties we may face with them, with patience and with calm and without getting bogged down with our anger about the whole thing that caused the situation in the first place. And on top of that, when we approach our animal with an inner peace rather than anger, everything flows toward healing much more easily.

So, I want to tell a story of a rescued animal who was a very important teacher in my life and she’s passed away now, and she was a guinea pig named Godiva. And her story, actually, is in my book, my first book, Animal Reiki. Now, Godiva was my sister’s reScue, and came from the home of a little girl who had been given the guinea pig as a gift and didn’t know how to take care of her, and so, basically, would hold her and squeeze her and then keep her in her cage in the closet for about two or three years, in the dark, without ever being cleaned.

So when Godiva came to my sister, she was in a very bad state, physically, and even more than that, emotionally. And at first, in fact, we thought she was brained-damaged because she was so non-responsive to anything, any kind of speaking or movement or anything like that. She was like, catatonic. And so Maureen and I talked about this, my sister and I talked about her situation, and we both felt a lot of anger about how this could have happened and everything else. And so, she asked me to do Reiki, but I knew that the first thing I needed to do was step out of that anger and get into a place of peace for her. And so I really focused on seeing her inner light and her inner as I sat with her, rather than the outer manifestations. And so I sat with her and did Reiki.  My sister had had her, not too long, maybe for a week or something, and she hadn’t really shown much behavior at that point. She just sat in her house. She didn’t come out, which was to be expected. But I felt the energy from my heart flowing very strongly, and at the end of the treatment, she came out of her how and she put both of her front paws on the cage and she started squealing with delight and with happiness!  And my sister was in the other room. She came running in, going, “Oh my gosh! I only heard her do that one time, and it was when I bought kale.” I guess it’s her favorite green. And she couldn’t believe it. She had made that sound of joyfulness for Reiki. And so it was, for me, it was the beautiful example of, you know, this happiness and joy that was waiting inside of Godiva to come out. Amazingly, from that point forward, with all Maureen’s love and care, she really bloomed and blossomed and was always a very outgoing guinea pig. And she never showed any anger toward people for what happened in the past. She was always very loving and very gentle and, actually, used to come and be one of the Reiki teachers for my Reiki classes in the early days. (MORE TO COME)

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