Baggy Bulldogs

What Dogs are wishing for:

  • Wishing all my fellow dogs in shelters and pounds will find a loving home in 2013
  • Wishing the humans will end the killing of their best friend in pounds and shelters when there is no room or money
  • Wishing breeders and petshops would spend the time and effort in animalwelfare in stead of making a profit
  • Wishing humans will stop abusing and torturing us for dogfighting and cruel hunting sports
  • Wishing an end to all puppymills
  • Wishing the humans in charge will protect us by giving us rights and punish the animal cruelty offenders


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Ever-evolving spirit moving about via body. I'm a writer and a an ever-evolving spirit in service of animals through my blog and Buddhist and Reiki practices. My blogs: and For more about me:
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