Videos: Animals Receiving Reiki

Equine Reiki treatment puts Daz to sleep. The treatment lasted for over an hour. The video shows clips from the last 25 mins. Karen Chadwick Equine Reiki Master. BSc (Hons) Equine Science and Business Management .

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This video was taken in 2007 in Newmarket, Ontario and demonstrates how easily and quickly animals respond to the soothing gentle energy of Reiki healing.

We later learned that this beautiful cat (“Felini”) had an injury on his paw, and his instincts led him to us during reiki class time to receive healing.

Animal Wisdom and Human Spirituality:

*filming by Melissa Francis

Trained Reiki Master Terri Steuben shows how she uses the alternative therapy with Peaches, a German Sheperd mix. Terri uses Reiki with animals per-and post surgery, and with pets that have cancer, kidney problems and other health-related issues. (March 2011)


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Kathleen Prasad wants to transform the way we care for the animals in our life. She’s written three books and founded a national organization devoted to bringing the spiritual energy called Reiki to the lives of our pets and to other animals large and small.

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  1. Beautiful to watch. I love how the animals respond so naturally to Reiki. You might enjoy reading my post ‘Animals in the Afterlife’.

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