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This one happened close to home.  In Ancaster, Ontario, Max, a golden retriever was trapped in ice in a two acre pond struggling for survival for at least 45 minutes while the family, including 4 young  children, watched in horror.  Instead of risking their lives, the Stam family did the right thing and called for help.  A special marine unit from the Hamilton Police Service who are trained in ice rescue responded with their gear.  Cst Marty Bushell swam out and pulled the dog to safety while his partner James Suthery had his back.

Max was taken to the vet and given a clean bill of health. The children made a card for the police officers to thank them.

Message here is “no ice is safe ice” says Cst. Suthery.  If your dog is trapped in ice, please call police or fire, do not try to rescue the dog yourself!

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