About Me

My life has had a lot of variations. I’ve been a secretary, an international flight attendant, a studio director of radio news, an academic and a music student, a performance poet and playwright, a typesetter and proofreader and co-editor of a literary journal, a calligrapher and ASPCA Volunteer Cat Socializer.

I am inspired by animals and their world and I have been haunted by their suffering, especially at the hands of humans. My love of animals has always been tinged with a sadness and suffering because of their plight in society and in the world. I was a volunteer in a shelter as a cat socializer, yet I felt powerless to relieve their suffering, especially the suffering of the abused, sick and abandoned. What more could I do? What more could I do directly to help relieve their suffering? Well, I became a Reiki 1 practitioner in April 2013. My inspiration has roots in two gardens: (1) my own experience as the recipient of two fabulous Reiki treatments, and (2) the realization that animals would love this! – especially shelter and rescued animals. At the end of June 2013 I’ll begin training in Reiki 1 for Animals and will complete it by the end of July, but I have already begun to offer Reiki practice to my own cat and to cats that I sit. My intention is to find a shelter or two and do my soul work there. In the meantime, I participate monthly in a Reiki clinic here in New York overseen by Pamela Miles, Reiki master and author. It’s such a pleasurable experience offering Reiki to humans as all; after all, we, too are animals.

How can I help? That has been my perpetual question. I decided that I can help by using writing to portray animals as living, feeling, intelligent beings who have full social and spiritual lives; to elevate the perception of and consciousness about animals and to chronicle my growing relationship with them. My aim is to help to alleviate suffering by offering Reiki to shelter and rescued creatures and to chronicle my efforts.So, you can understand why I called this blog a journal:  It and I are works in progress.


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2 Responses to About Me

  1. I love what you are doing for animals. These lovely creatures have such beautiful souls and I believe are here to teach us about unconditional love. You might enjoy reading my post on ‘Animals in the Afterlife’. Great blog! Thanks for visiting mine and for the follow.

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