A Message from Horse Consciousness

Horse Consciousness

by Sun Mi Kim

(Communicated Through Sharon Callahan) 

Swift and graceful, horses capture the essence of a nobility for most of us. And while we often consider them the picture of what it means to be fearless and wild-at-heart, horses hold amazing tenderness. In fact, they are creatures of the heart.

Horse eye 1In the past, these animals have been seen as warriors and work horses – extensions of their human caretakers. Today, horses are more associated with racing and equestrian sports than they are with their true natures. They are prized for their speed, bred to race and trained to know nothing beyond competition. Most are prepared for racing as early as age two. Humans now “imprint” newborn foals – getting them to bond to humans and therefore more easily submit to procedures like shoeing and having their ears clipped. This has resulted in foals dying, bereft of the nurturance (both physical and emotional) of their mothers.

Horses elicit much love and admiration from humans. And as this interview with the Horse consciousness (channeled through Sharon Callahan, an interspecies communicator) shows, this close bond has been a privilege. While the physical benefits of this relationship has [sic] been obvious, the spiritual ones are just beginning to make themselves known. Horses have been our allies in battle and companions in life. Now they ask us to open our hearts and stand with them in unity, learning the lessons of love that they offer.

Q: Do you have a sense of yourselves? Do you see yourselves as graceful, agile and free as humans see you?

A: We have a great sense of our purpose and of the feelings we elicit in human beings. Our souls are graceful and free in their natural state untouched by distorted human perception.

Q: There’s something about horses that brings us face to face with some of the greatest contradictions that humans hold about animals. We revere them for their beauty and grace. We consider them noble animals – not subject to the same stigma that many other species receive. Yet, we also exploit and denigrate them as well – slaughtering them when they are no longer in their prime, using their bodies for making glue or feeding other animals. As children, we’re taught to bury any unsettled feelings about this when we become aware of them. Is this contradiction part of what you’re trying to show humanity?

A: We seek to show you those aspects of yourselves that are at odds with one another and to assist you in setting aside greed and separation and choosing instead the way of love. The parts of yourself that are at odds with one another being the wild, untamed, natural self and the sense of self fabricated over eons of time which would have you believe that you must toil, compete, do battle.

Q: From your point of view, do you share the same complex feelings for humans? Do you love us the way some of us love you, or are these merely feelings that we project onto you? Have human transgressed too much upon your species for you to feel love for us?

A: We do love you very much. If this were not so we would not have chosen to come into relationship with you to teach you and to learn from you. Mankind must remember that evolution is a process. That different lessons are being learned at different stages in your evolution as human beings and the evolution of Earth as a whole. It is a human tendency to hold on to the past for better or worse forgetting that yesterday’s lesson may not be today’s lesson. Earlier in your history as human beings we agreed as a soul group to assist you in learning the lessons of separation and conquest. To this cause we sacrificed ourselves to the betterment of the whole. All of life began as an experiment in separation…separation from the Source. In earlier times as you learned about separation we came into agreement with you to be your partners in learning. We went to war with you as you fought your battles over kingdoms and countries and against one another as individuals. We set aside our innermost hearts of tenderness to do battle with you so you would ultimately learn the great lesson of separation, of fighting one with another, of me and mine, and them and theirs.

Until now humanity (humanity, Earth, her creatures) has been moving away from The Source of All from which it came, moving further and further into separation. A new phase of learning has now been entered upon. A still point has been reached. A still point before the turning point. You have journeyed as far into the experience of separation as you can, without annihilating yourselves, the Earth, and all of life.

Horse nose 1The lesson at hand is the lesson of love and unity and oneness. You are on the brink of a return to the Source from which you came. It is like a pendulum reaching as far from the energy source which propelled it into movement as possible. Then there is a point of stillness and then the pendulum begins its return. You are at the point of return. The lessons therefore are different. Because the lesson is different we have moved into a different contract with you. Our agreement during this “return phase” is to lead you into a direct experience of your hearts and your oneness rather than to lead you into the battlefields of separation or the arenas of competition which are also battlefields, battlefields of ego. For there to be a “winner” there must also be a “loser.” This is the old lesson of separation. We are now to lead you into the battlefields of the heart. We must meet heart to heart to battle the ego self and move into oneness with one another and all that is.

Some horses are becoming sick, imbalanced and sometimes crazy and rage-filled from being forced to “do battle,” to play out the old lessons and contracts when the time is calling for the opposite. We are no longer to go to battle. You are no longer to control us with your egos requiring us to march into the battlefield of war or competition riding upon our backs. We are now to stand face to face with you, to link heart to heart and to walk side by side into the future of oneness and love, leaving the implements of war and ego behind.

It is the age of the heart, as the elephants have so eloquently stated for they too have been ridden into battle, harnessed into the service of ego and greed. To survive and to evolve we must meet as equal spirits to walk side by side.

Q: It’s true that for many generations humans have harnessed your power and strength for our own use and convenience. For example, wild stallions were “broken” before they are put into service. There are no more wild horses roaming freely – every one of your species is currently under the control of humans from breeding and birth to death. It’s often said that what we do to others, we do to ourselves. Spiritually speaking, what exactly are we doing whenever we participate in, say, breaking in a horse or controlling the lifecycles of horses?

A: As we have stated, in past times it was part of the agreement between your species and ours to learn the lessons of dominance, greed and separation and we gave ourselves to the greater good of this learning. In continuing these practices of domination and separation in present time you are requiring us to act in opposition to the lessons of the new time, the lessons of love and unity. This working in opposition to unity and oneness makes us heart sick and physically sick and it prevents you from moving forward with the lessons of this new time and prevents us which we step beyond ourselves at all and perceive ourselves not as being within each other, but one with each other.

Q: Can you tell us what the appointed places of horses are? The elephants mentioned that their placement on the Earth was of importance. Since horses live and are bred in captivity, it’s hard to tell where exactly their appointed places are.

A: The appointed place of horses is in the wild of whatever country they find themselves and in a harmonious and loving sharing of our energies with human beings. You are told that horses are not native to your North American continent. This is not true. It is simply that evidence of their presence has not yet been discovered.

Q: The elephants mentioned that they sound a deep note in the symphony of life. Is there a note that you also transmit to the Earth? If so, what is the nature of your unique note and how do you transmit it?

A: We transmit our energy, our unique note through our hoofbeats as we joyfully prance upon the Earth. This is why it is important that large numbers of us be allowed to run free, we are unable to do this in captivity. Riding upon us while bringing us under your dominion does not in any way have the same affect.

Q: What do you imagine as the perfect relationship between horse and man? And, in terms of environment, etc., what kind of life does your species most desire to lead?

Horse and catA: Our desire is to see you evolve and grow to your highest potential, for as you do we will also. We desire to look in your eyes, to meet you heart to heart, to commune with you, to have you put aside, whip and bridle, saddle and spur – for this is the way of love and love is the lesson. Once this is accomplished the next step will become clear.

Q: Does this mean not using horses in any work capacity at all? Should all horses (and all other animals for that matter) be set free from domestication?

A: We and they should be set free from exploitation and human ego gratification. When you exploit any species strictly for your own purposes you rob yourselves of our true gifts to you which are spiritual gifts.

Q: Some perceive racehorses as enjoying, even loving, the thrill of the race bridle, whip and all. Is this not true? Have we gotten to a point where all competition (even games – like equestrian competitions – performed in the name of sportsmanship) must be put aside so that, as you put it, there are no winners or losers?

A: Ultimately all competition must be left behind…duality must be left behind. Competition is the antithesis of oneness. We do not desire as a soul group to be used as an extension of your egos. In sports we are forced to be extensions of your egos. You have manipulated us genetically for this purpose creating in us a drive that is un-natural. This is why you are seeing so much mental disorder and suffering amongst horses bred for competition. In the same way you breed dogs for certain characteristics forming them into extensions of your ego selves. This will have to stop.

Q: Were you ever meant to carry humans on your backs or pull wagons, plows, etc.? Or is this simply a matter of humans taking advantage of your strength and speed?

A: We have no difficulty working in cooperation with you for good. Much that we have been required to do in your service has not been good. As for our backs you can see that our spines are parallel to Earth, so being ridden is something of a problem for us.

Q: And when humans do ride on your backs, how does rider and horse affect one another? Do the two merge into one flowing consciousness as it often seems with brave warriors and their horses in medieval times? Is there something that both rider and horse gain in riding?

A: If a human being rides upon our backs without saddle or bit, much will be learned about merging with another species. And yes, a merging into one continuous flow of consciousness does occur. Riding us for purposes of killing or conquering does not accomplish a complete merging, as the consciousness of the rider would limit what could be learned from the experience.

Q: Is there something specific that we should know or can do to better your lives? For instance, Sharon learned that bees would greatly benefit from a different hive design. Is there something your caretakers can do for you?

A: Please do not keep us confined indoors for long periods of time. It kills our spirit – a part of us leaves and we are then less able to help you. Please allow our children to stay with us longer before you take them away for your purposes. Please do not breed so may [sic] of us artificially; it weakens us at a soul level. Please look at us, stand on the earth with us. Please allow some of us to run free. Please teach your children another way of relating to us…a way of relating heart to heart, eye to eye.

Q: Many species at this time seem to be under incredible stress from elimination of their habitats, treatment by humans, etc. How about your species? Are conditions better for you–that is, do you feel these stresses as strongly?

A: Our habitat is the habitat of the heart. It is an inner landscape. We are willing to be of service to you if you will meet us in the interior landscape of our hearts. There is much to learn there. There you will discover your own wild inner landscape so long ago forgotten.

Q: As a whole, what is the purpose of your species?

A: Our purpose is to hold the vibration of heart-centered co-operation and service to the higher good. Our purpose in the past has been to journey with you into the realms of separation and to journey with you now into the realms of unity and shining oneness.

Q: It seems that this heart-centeredness is characteristic of most animals except the human animal. Why is it that although horses have explored conflict, war and competition alongside humans, they have not lost their center in the heart while humans have?

A: It is your egos that prevent you from keeping an openness in relation to one another and all the creatures of Earth. The wild animals have no egos and domestic animals with the beginnings of ego structure still live primarily in the realm of egolessness and are able to step aside from it and experience their oneness with all that is. As you learn to set aside your ego you will come into your heart, the seat of true wisdom, and the world will transform. As long as you perpetuate competitiveness and separation and fear you will remain enslaved to your egos. We are enslaved by you for your purposes, but we often pity the extent to which you enslave yourselves.

Q: Any last thoughts you’d like to leave us with?

A: Please set aside what you perceive to be the “wisdom of the ages,” the wisdom learned from history. The path you have taken is not working. The human tendency is to keep proceeding in the same direction or to attempt to correct something that has not and is not working. Please consider that there is another way. Something that is not working can simply be left behind, left to crumble.

Q: Can you explain a little further what you mean by “wisdom of the ages”?

A: You perceive that there is some great wisdom in the past, in you history and so you are enslaved to the past and to continuing a trajectory of destruction. What you are told or remember about your past is a fiction, a story whose pages are leading to a tragic ending. Salvation will occur only from coming fully into the present moment without fear. Start anew. Create a new story beginning from the present moment. We can begin anew. We can begin now to live in a world of love.

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Ref: Sharon Callahan’s site: http://www.anaflora.com/ : “Sharon Callahan is a writer, photographer, internationally recognized animal communication specialist and leading pioneer in the use of flower essences for the treatment of animals.

“Although Sharon’s ability to communicate with animals has been with her from childhood, a near-death experience in 1987 enhanced her ability to communicate with animals telepathically, giving her a deep understanding of the role of animals in the spiritual lives of human beings. This experience led to the creation of the Anaflora flower essences for animals, the first flower essences made exclusively for the animal kingdom. Since that time Sharon has pioneered the use of flower essences in the treatment of animals.”


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