September 2011 Animal News — 2: Cat and Dog Sales Restricted

According to National Public Radio, the selling of cats and dogs has been banned by Toronto’s City Council unless they come from the Humane Society, shelters or rescue groups.

More than 500 dogs were seized from a Quebec puppy mill — the largest case of animal cruelty in the history of Quebec.

A representative of the Humane Society, where the dogs are now located, said “the operation involved some of the worst conditions she’d ever seen,” writes Dan Karpenchuk.

The Wednesday vote was unanimous.

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4 Responses to September 2011 Animal News — 2: Cat and Dog Sales Restricted

  1. Allin says:

    This should be everywhere! Does this mean breeders can no longer sell pedigrees?

  2. Allin says:

    Also, doesthis mean no more mating pedigrees unless u keep the whole litter?

    • Amirh says:

      Reputable breeders and private sale– I’ll have to look in to this. The problem is — one of the problems — is that many stores do business with puppy mills.

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