Jane Goodall’s 10 Trusts + My 4 Wishes

*1.   Rejoice that we are part of the Animal Kingdom.

*2.   Respect all life.

*3.   Open our minds, in humility, to animals and learn from them.

*4.   Teach our children to respect and love nature.

*5.   Be wise stewards of life on earth.

*6.   Value and help preserve the sounds of nature.

*7.   Refrain from harming life in order to learn about it.

*8.   Have the courage of our convictions.

*9.   Praise and help those who work for animals and the natural world.

*10.  Act knowing we are not alone, and live with hope.


1.  That no one out of anger or resentment wish suffering on anyone at all.

2.  That all live believing in the equality of all that lives.

3.  That all beings have happiness, and the causes of happiness.

4.  That all beings be filled with joy and peace.

About Amirh

Ever-evolving spirit moving about via body. I'm a writer and a an ever-evolving spirit in service of animals through my blog and Buddhist and Reiki practices. My blogs: AllCreaturesLargeAndSmall.wordpress.com. and AmirhBahati.wordpress.com. For more about me: http://amirhbahati.wordpress.com/about/
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